Raw Material

We handle a wide variety of raw materials covering all categories and species of animal by-products including packaged products such as meat pies or retail meat sold in trays. We can also process liquids material such as blood, waste fats, liquid effluents and sludge from food factories.

We realise the needs of our customers can differ so we offer a variety of collection services to individual companies. Collections can be arranged to suit individual requirements from small 200L wheelie bin to full 28-ton bulk collections.

The Company collects animal by-products from:

  • Abattoirs & Cutting Plants
  • Butchers Shops
  • Cold Stores
  • Retail Outlets
  • Farms
  • Knackers Yards

When collecting animal by-products, commercial documentation must be produced as required by the Animal By-Product Regulations. This document must be retained by the customer as proof of a correct disposal of animal by-products.

Please use the “contact us” link to discuss your individual disposal requirements

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