Environment & Legislation

Rendering is the process of heating and separating animal by-products to produce fat and protein products.  It can provide huge benefits to the environment in terms of recycling a renewable energy source for power generation but it also resolves a potential source of pollution and disease by disposing of animal products in this way.

Energy conservation is an important factor for us and as such we have invested in equipment to help minimise the environmental impact of our operations. We use no chemicals in our rendering process; only heat combined with mechanical processing. This means that the discharged air contains only organic matter, much like the air found in any kitchen. We also hold permits for discharges bound by monitoring and reporting requirements to ensure we comply with regulations stipulated by North Kesteven District Council.

We are also careful to ensure that air quality control is accomplished by maintaining negative pressure in our equipment and buildings and treating the resulting air flow in boilers or filter beds.

The site operates under an animal by-products approval issued by DEFRA.

Relevant animal by-products legislation can be found on the DEFRA web site.

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