With over 80 years of experience in the Animal By-Product Rendering Sector, A Hughes and Son are one of the longest established and most experienced specialist companies in the UK.

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We specialise in providing recycling and rendering services, making sure that animal and food waste products can be re-used as valuable commercial goods including tallow (used in soaps but also as a renewable alternative to traditional fuel oils) and protein meals such as meat and bone meal. We process a wide range of materials ranging from fallen animals, abattoir waste and food processing and retail food waste.

As well as this, we also service the restaurant and fast food industry by removing and processing used cooking oil. We’re proud of commitment to the benefits of recycling and these products are used as green alternatives to fossil fuels for power generation and bio diesel production.

Located near Lincoln in the east of England, we offer collection services to both local and national retailers, abattoirs and food processing plants as well as tailored services to the local farming community.  The Company is a registered collector and disposal point on the National Fallen Stock Scheme operated on behalf of the government.

Energy conservation is important to us and as such we have recently invested in the very latest energy efficient automated processing equipment which fully complies with the Animal By-Product Regulations.  The plant is fully approved by DEFRA (animal health) and the Local Authority (environmental control).

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